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Selecting a Guggenheim for Helsinki


Finalist: GH-121371443. Image Courtesy of Malcolm Reading Consultants

Recently, six finalists were selected for an open architecture competition to design a new Guggenheim Museum for Helsinki, Finland. What is significant about this particular competition was that it was open to anyone with a professional architecture degree, from anywhere in the world, and all 1,715 entries (a number never before seen in any architecture competition) are accessible to anybody with an internet connection to view, like, share, and comment on in any form that they see fit. The competition will determine a single winning proposal by June, but until that time, head over to the competition website to view all the submissions; from the good, to the bad, to the just plain ugly. Plus, head here to see what Twitter users think of what might be the first open-source architectural competition for the social media age.


Finalist: GH-04380895. Image Courtesy of Malcolm Reading Consultants


Finalist: GH-76091181. Image Courtesy of Malcolm Reading Consultants

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