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Artwork Capture


Artwork captures without color correction are now priced as low as $14.95 for a digital high resolution file of your artwork. Our full service artwork captures with color correction and proofing starts at $58.95.

Artwork Captures are performed on the first and third Mondays each month.  Artwork must be checked in before that Monday.  Preferably removed from framing unless it is not practical.  We can capture through glass if necessary.  Paints must also be completely dry.

Color Corrected w/Proofs
High and low resolution files along with 8×10 proofs are provided.
$58.95 – Original artwork up to 18×24
$84.95 – Original artwork up to 36×48
$119.95 – Original artwork larger than 36×48

No Color Correction
High and low resolution files are provided.
$14.95 – Original artwork up to 18×24
$24.95 – Original artwork up to 36×48
$36.95 – Original artwork larger than 36×48

What is an Artwork Capture?

An artwork capture is the process of digitizing traditional artwork such as paintings, drawings, mixed media, etc. The process can vary in technology but all artwork captures, at the root of it, use a camera to capture the artwork. We use a 50MP digital camera with cross polarized lighting to provide a high resolution, glare free, and evenly lit capture of your artwork.

Why do I need an Artwork Capture?
There are many reasons you might need an artwork capture. The primary reason for an artwork capture is to build your portfolio and keep a record of your work even after a piece sells. You may want an artwork capture to display on your website or social media. You may need to print business cards or postcards for an upcoming show. The most often request for an artwork capture is to sell archival fine art prints.

To Color Correct or to Not Color Correct?
Charcoal drawings don’t necessarily need full color correction. Prints aren’t your thing, but you at least want a great capture for your website. You may be a Photoshop guru and prefer to make your own adjustments. Our captures are typically around 90% accurate straight out of the camera. We will spend over an hour making minute adjustments and numerous test prints to cover the remaining 10% so that your artwork can be printed as accurately as possible.



I’ve had over twenty artwork captures performed by Fine Line and was worth every cent.  Everything is color matched perfectly in the end and they are a pleasure to work with when adjustments need to be made, which in my experience has been rare.  Artwork capture has been a critical investment in my career, as I have professional images ready when applying for shows and publications.  I also am at the ready when prints need to be made for festivals, fairs, and custom orders.”  – Julie Crews, artist,