Sell more art with fine art prints

Artwork reproduction is the process of digitizing traditional artwork such as paintings, drawings, mixed media, etc. The process can vary in technology but all artwork reproductions, at the root of it, use a camera to capture the artwork. We use a 50MP digital camera with cross polarized lighting to provide a high resolution, glare free, and evenly lit capture of your artwork.

Artwork captures are performed on the first and third Mondays each month.  Artwork must be checked in before that Monday.  Preferably removed from framing unless it is not practical.  We can capture through glass if necessary.  Paints must be completely dry. Because we only accept a limited number of pieces during each capture day, we are able to have fully color corrected files complete within the week.

If you would like to learn more about artwork reproduction and making fine art prints, schedule a consultation with our Print Manager, Allison.

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I’ve had over twenty artwork captures performed by Fine Line and it was worth every cent.  Everything is color matched perfectly in the end and they are a pleasure to work with when adjustments need to be made, which in my experience has been rare.  Artwork captures have been a critical investment in my career, as I have professional images ready when applying for shows and publications.  I also am at the ready when prints need to be made for festivals, fairs, and custom orders.” 

– Julie Crews, 

No Color Correction
$19.95 – Original artwork up to 18×24
$29.95 – Original artwork up to 36×48
$39.95 – Original artwork larger than 36×48

Color Corrected w/Proofs
$59.95 – Original artwork up to 18×24
$89.95 – Original artwork up to 36×48
$119.95 – Original artwork larger than 36×48

To Color Correct or to Not Color Correct
Maybe you don’t need prints, but you at least want a great capture for your website. Our captures are approximately 90% accurate straight out of the camera. We spend on average 1-2 hours making minute adjustments and numerous test prints to cover the remaining 10% so that your artwork can be printed as accurately as possible. A number of our clients still make great prints from captures without color correction.

A Note on Accuracy
Every fine art printer attempts to match your work accurately, but depending on equipment, types of inks, and papers, it is not always possible. This is often the case when attempting to reproduce onto a media that is different than the original. For example, reproducing colors from glossy artwork onto a matte fine art paper. In this instance, the range of the colors created by the inks used in the printing process might not precisely match the colors that can be formed by the pigments used in the original. They are completely different compounds and have entirely different characteristics. Please keep in mind that the goal is to create a sell-able reproduction that is an accurate representation of your original.