Shoebox full of photos? We can handle it.


Whether you are still shooting film, have a shoebox full of negatives, or an album of prints; we can scan your negatives, slides, and prints to digital files for archiving, daily use, and printing.  There is a $3.95 setup charge per order.  The setup charge includes preparation of the negatives, slides, or prints prior to scanning as well as your digital files available as a download.  Quantity discounts are available.

For originals larger than 11x14, we will have to perform an artwork capture.

Standard Scan  –  $0.99
Our Standard Scan is suitable for most people and has enough resolution to create 4”x6” prints and more than enough resolution for emailing, posting on websites or uploading to Facebook.  Files are 1200 pixels on the shortest side.

Deluxe Scan  –  $1.49
Our Deluxe Scan is for those wanting more resolution.  It is perfect for prints up to 8”x12”. Files are 2400 pixels on the shortest side.

Premium Scan  –  $2.99
The Premium Scan is great for those wanting professional resolution or to never worry if you have enough resolution.  It will produce a 16″x24″ print at 300dpi.  Files are 4800 pixels on the shortest side.